Jack Yang
Ningxia, China

From -19C in Ningxia, China to a scorching 34C in Marlborough, Jack Yang and his parents have been enjoying the sights of Marlborough before the start of Jack's second year at Marlborough Boy's College. 

Jack joined Marlborough Boy's College in January 2017, with the hope of improving his future prospects and being able to progress onto university to study films and special effects. 

"At the beginning of my first year, I was shy as my English was not good. But, now my English is much better and I have made friends. I am really looking forward to my second year here and studying physics and photography - I like to photograph the beautiful nature in Marlborough. It is very difficult to go to university in China, but I like the style of learning here and I hope my grades will be good enough for me to go to university here in New Zealand and eventually work in the film industry."

Jack's mother, Lily added: "Jack has become much friendlier, happier, and more confident since he has been studying at Marlborough Boy's College. We are very happy that Jack is studying here. We hope that he does something he likes and progresses onto university. We are very proud of him."