New Zealand has a world-class education system, a booming economy and an enviable lifestyle (New Zealand is ranked 1st on THE LEGATUM PROSPERITY INDEX™ 2016). Deciding to study in New Zealand is a smart move, but deciding where to study in New Zealand can take a bit more research. 

Here are our top 7 reasons to study in the Nelson-Marlborough region.

No 1. High achieving students.
Nelson and Marlborough students perform well at school - achieving well above the national average.  Education Counts.
Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology (NMIT) students have high pass rates i.e. 100% pass rate for Nursing.

No 2. Small numbers. 
Schools in the Nelson-Marlborough region are comparatively small, with high school sizes ranging from 200 - 1,600. The international programme numbers at each school are kept low to ensure that you gain the most from your experience.

No 3. Safe. 
According to the Safe Communities model , Marlborough is the 25th accredited Safe Community in New Zealand and number 332 in the world, and Nelson/Tasman are joint 250th Safe Community in the world.

No 4. Choice.
Within the Nelson-Marlborough region there is a wide variety of study options to ensure that you can grow and learn in an environment that best suits you. From single sex to coeducation schools, boarding and home stay accommodation, city/country and seaside locations, 100+ subjects to choose from ranging from the traditional Maths, English and science to the vocational programmes such as photography, winemaking and aviation. 

No 5. Opportunity.
According to Nelson Regional Development Agent and the Marlborough District Council
Horticulture, Forestry, Aviation, Farming, Tourism, Engineering, ICT and Aquaculture account for the majority of the regions total economy with professional services such as lawyers, accounting, researchers and knowledge workers contributing to a large percentage. Vocational courses are taught by industry leading tutors and in facilities set up to simulate real world working situations. NMIT Aquaculture students have 100% employment rate after successfully competing their programme.

No 6. The Great Outdoors.
Where else do you have access to THREE national parks, ski fields, Marlborough Sounds, IMBA Gold Ride Centre mountain bike tracks, vintage aviation, diverse wild life, and Lord of the Ring film location scenery all on our doorstep?

The region is beautifully set up to give you easy access to mountain biking, kayaking, kite surfing, wake boarding, rowing, skiing, diving, walking, swimming and more.

No 7. Sunshine! It's officially the sunniest place in the country.
Each year, Marlborough and Nelson vie for the title of New Zealand's sunshine capital. The region has an enviable Mediterranean and sunny climate (between 2,000-2,800 sunshine hours a year) that allows visitors to explore and enjoy all year round. 

Summer (December - February)   Average High Temp - 24C Average Low Temp 12C
Autumn (March - May)                  Average High Temp - 18C Average Low Temp 8C
Winter (June - August)                 Average High Temp - 13C Average Low Temp 2C          
Spring (September - November)   Average High Temp - 17C Average Low Temp 8C