Collingwood Area School
Lewis Street RD 1, Collingwood, 7073, New Zealand
+64 3 524 8125 E:

Collingwood Area School is located in a beautiful Tasman area which provides a stimulating backdrop for learning to take place. 

As an area school, the school caters for students from Years 1 to 13 - offering education for all children without them facing the challenges of having to adjust from one school to another. 

Collingwood School has a positive, family atmosphere with regular interactions between all year groups. These include buddy reading, tabloid sports, performing arts and Show Day to name a few. The school has a clear vision and aims to instill the attributes of 'Creative, Collaborative, Connected, Confident', in all their students through a wide range of opportunities that they can offer.

The school offers a wide range of subjects for senior secondary qualifications. The traditional ones such as Mathematics, English and Social Sciences sit alongside more specialised ones such as Tourism, Building, and Forestry. 

Making the most of the setting and local environment, the school offers a range of outdoor activities for all year levels.  Key areas of focus include camps at Totaranui, Ski Trips to Hamner and class groups walking the Heaphy and Abel Tasman tracks.  All classes at some stage have field work on the local beach, Farewell Spit and marine areas. The Kahurangi National Park ecosystem is also another area well explored by students.

Academic achievement is a core value at Collingwood Area School, and helping facilitate the learning of each individual within the school is of key importance. Teachers aim to meet the individual needs of each child and help them reach their goals whether it is university, an apprenticeship, work or some alternative pathway. Students will have the opportunity to explore their community – locally, nationally and globally. Making connections and exploring their world is a key aspect of the education offered at this school.

Location: Tasman  Years: 1 - 13  Roll: 300 (4 Int. students)  Coeducation  Uniform  Accommodation: Homestay